The Photographic Allure of Half Dome

Right image: Half Dome by Ansel Adams

For hikers and photographers nothing beats the appeal of scaling or photographing “Half Dome” in Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  Half Dome is a granite dome at the eastern end of Yosemite Valley. One side of the granite dome is a sheer face while the other three sides are smooth and round, making it appear like a dome cut in half.

'Half Dome' by Ian RutherOne of the most photographed locations, the iconic Half Dome towers nearly 5,000 feet above the valley floor of Yosemite. Once you get there, where is the best location to shot images from? According to photographer Erik Dresser in a post on Outdoor Photography, “ The best two spots in the valley are from the Sentinel Bridge over the Merced River and nearby Cook's Meadow. Tunnel View from the west entrance is the classic valley view, displaying nearly all of the valley's extraordinary cliff features, including Half Dome. For a bird's-eye view of the dome, take the Glacier Point Road to viewpoints at Washburn and Glacier Points on the south side of the valley rim; this road is only open from around May to November.”

'Half Dome" by Clyde Butcher

Popular Florida photographer Clyde Butcher shot the above image using a 450mm lens on a 5x7" view camera. Carlton Watkins and Ansel Adams also captured the allure and majestic vision of Half Dome as seen below.

Carlton Watkins, "Tasayac, the Half Dome, 5000 ft., Yosemite" 1865-66

For a different take on the monument there is this wonderful photograph by the master of photomontage Jerry Uelsmann.

Photo by Jerry Ulesmann

Boxfotos Airstream, as of yet, has not ventured to the Yosemite National Park - but it is definitely high on the “bucket list” for the future.  If you go let us know what you thought, better yet, post your favorite Half Dome image in the comment section or shoot us an email. 

Boxfotos Airstream on the road during a recent trip to Highlands Hammock State Park near Sebring, FL.


Inter-State Picture Service - Montana


The Airstream is packed and ready, just in case we have to make a speedy exit due to tropical storm Colin. In the mean time the dogs and I are entertaining ourselves by going through boxes of old photographs.  Todays find - a picture set of 18 images from the Inter-State Picture Service. Today Inter-State Pictures is probably best known for all those school photographs that our taken the beginning of each school year. But evidently back in the day they also did travel and park images. 

Beartooth Lake and Butte

This little gem was in perfect condition and has 18 wonderful sepia toned infra red images shot around Red Lodge-Cooke City in Montana. According to the handy insert: 

"Infra red - the latest development in photography - is particularly suited for mountain scenery. The faculty of long range, clearity through fog and mist, and sharp color contrasts make it sensational!"

Cooke Ranger Station - Northeast entrance to Yellowstone

Virgin forest near Pilot and Index Peaks.Today Red Lodge is busy and serves as a hub for outdoor recreation such as hiking - with the northern starting point for the Beartooth Highway Scenic Drive located nearby. During the winter months, Red Lodge is a popular resort area with many skiing opportunities.

Spiral along 4th level of scenic drive



St. Petersburg Gallery Walk

Looking forward to the St. Petersburg Gallery Walk this weekend. I will be showing some of my handpainted church fans in an exhibition entitled "Inspired by Confreres: A Collective of Women I Admire". Be sure to stop by and see the exhibit at Michele Tuegel Contemporary gallery. Michele has brought together a wonderful group of talented women artists along with her gallery of regulars. 

Included in the exhibition are: Eleanor McCain, Caitlin Collette Beckman, Susan Rollins Gehring, Karen Tucker Kuykendall, Norma Lewis, Susan Livingston, Judith Powers Jones, Sang Roberson, Akiko Sugiyama and Lynn Whipple.

Michele Tuegel Contemporary

Saturday evening, March 12th

5:00 - 9:00 p.m.

320 Central Avenue,
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701

PH: 727.823.1100
FX: 727.822.8253