"Lost World - Landscapes & Dinosaurs"


For 2016, I'm kicking off a new series tltled, LOST WORLD. The work depicts my traditional landscape work mixed in with some dinosaurs shot during a recent safari we took deep into the woods here in Florida. I hope to visit more dinosaur sites and roadside attractions to add to the series - maybe even take a trip out west to see the tar pits. For this body of work, I elected to work in the wet plate collodion process to make it look old, distressed and as if it were from another period of time, long gone. I believe the process ties all the images together creating a mysterious, dream-like reality to the work. Lost World will be exhibited in March in a group exhibition in my favorite city, Charleston, SC. 

In the coming weeks, I'll keep you posted on the series and more information about the opening in Charleston! 



Arizona Weekend and Closing Reception

Matt and I made a long weekend trip to Gilbert, Arizona to catch the closing reception of an exhibition I was in. The show at Art Intersection featured work by Amy Rockett-Todd, Karen Hymer and Jonah Calinawan. It was a beautiful show curated by Gina DeGideo and a great facility if you are looking to take a photo-based class. Though the trip was quick and the weather not so great, we did manage to rent a car and take a road trip for a few photos. - Becky

Look for some of the beautiful Arizona vistas to be used in Matt's upcoming collodion portfolio of works titled LOST WORLD. 


Season's Greetings